Quick and Easy Options when time is of the essence

Send from your email program

Sending from an Email Client
From Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail, etc.

Specify that administrators can send mail, and email sent to your Listbox ID from an admin can be used as a newsletter. We'll send you a confirmation message, to make sure it should be distributed, then out it goes!

Clone an existing campaign

Sending from an Email Client
From the Listbox Composer

If you've already sent a campaign you like, and you just want to tweak the content, you can "clone" the old message. Update your text and graphics, and get it out in a jiffy!

Craft Eye-Catching Campaigns when you have more time

Use a template

Photo of Special Events Template
From the Listbox Composer

Need a clean, eye-catching design? Just drop your images and text into one of our pre-built templates! Our composer walks you through writing, testing and sending great looking campaigns.

Send a web page

Photo of Form for Entering a URL
From the Listbox Composer

If you're an HTML wizard, Send a web page lets you craft, tweak and test, using the tools and platform you prefer. Just give us the URL at the end, and turn that page into a gorgeous campaign!

More about Composer Messages

  • Keep campaign drafts private, or share them with other administrators
  • "Mail Merge" user data to your campaigns from Custom Fields
  • Upload images to use in your campaigns

All campaigns and newsletters:

  • Require approval before the message is sent to your subscribers (on the web or via email)
  • Can schedule messages for future delivery
  • Can specify the address subscribers see in the From:
  • Have customizable System Messages (like welcome emails)

See more features of marketing campaigns and newsletters

Which sending method is right for you? Find out with our 30 day free trial. You can be trying your first message in minutes! Get started now!