What should I use as my From: address?

There are 2 parts of your From: header -- the name and the email address. 

The name should always be something subscribers recognize easily. The email address should be one that makes sure your message gets through.

The best From: email addresses are either your list address (@listbox.com or your virtual list domain) or at a domain you control.

Addresses at your ISP or email provider are a bad choice. They are linked to your ISP's authentication policies, which can change at any time. Right now, for instance, messages with AOL and Yahoo From addresses will bounce, because they have authentication policies that say mail with a From: address at any of their domains must originate from within their network. GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Hotmail and other free email services are also bad choices.

Update your list's name

Add a new sender address at a domain you control

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