What are digests?

Digests compile all the messages sent since the last digest into a single combined message.  Subscribers who opt to receive digests can specify whether the digest should be sent daily or weekly.  If more than 100 messages have been sent since their last digest, we will send more than one digest, each containing up to 100 messages.

Digests are most useful for lists which regularly receive 10 or more messages daily.  While many subscribers prefer to receive list messages as they are sent throughout the day, subscribers who don't post as frequently (or who may be trying to reduce incoming email) may prefer a single digest instead.

You may turn digest access on or off at List Policies.  If your list is a discussion forum, digest subscriptions are available by default. If your list is an email marketing or discussion list, digest subscriptions are only available if you specifically request that they be made available.  Digests can occasionally be useful for high-volume newsletters; they are virtually never appropriate for email marketing lists.

In no case are subscribers automatically added to the digest.  If a digest is available, a note indicating that is added to the Subscriber Welcome message. It directs them to the Member page to turn on digests.

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