Stay informed with Activity Reports

Activity Reports are sent via email, and help you keep track of what's going on with your list.  Activity Reports are only available to Account Administrators and Listowners.

Subscriber Activity

All activity reports include a summary of who's been added or removed from your list since your last report.


In addition to that summary, a complete listing of all the addresses added or removed (and whether you added them, they added themselves, they unsubscribed, they were bounced off, etc.) is included at the end of the report.

Message Activity - Marketing and Newsletter Lists

For email marketing and newsletter lists, you'll get the most from reports if you are using click tracking.  Lists with click tracking will start off with a "subscriber engagement" number -- how many of your susbscribers interacted with any messages sent in the period since your last report.

Especially if you send frequently, you may find this number more useful than the activity on any single message, as people may not read every single message you send, but find messages useful enough to engage with them regularly. (Please keep in mind, as with click tracking in general, we cannot track people who turn images off in their email clients.  So, the engagement number you see represents the minimum number of subscribers who interacted with your list messages.)

After the engagement number and your list reputation, you'll find a summary of messages since your last report.

 It includes the number of subscribers who received the message, the number of deliveries bounced, and, if you're using tracking, the number of subscribers who opened or clicked on the message.  Clicking on the message subject will take you to the full web report for that message.

Message Activity - Discussion Forums and Listserves

For discussion lists, message activity provides some summary data that we hope you will find useful (and fun!) about your recent list messages.  

  • Number of messages sent
  • The top poster (and how many messages he/she sent)
  • The top thread (and how many messages with that subject we saw)
  • The busiest day in the period
  • The percentage of list subscribers who sent messages

If there is other data you'd like to see here, just let us know.

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