Listbox Anti-Spam and Opt-In Subscription Policy

Listbox provides email distribution services for opt-in addresses only. Opt-in addresses mean that all addresses that you add to your Listbox list are from people who have actually asked to receive email from you, by either taking the initiative to add their email addresses to your list, or checking a box on a document provided by you indicating to you that they wish to receive mail from you in the future.

Opt-out addresses, or addresses collected from a form where people have to check to indicate they do NOT wish to receive mail, are a violation of Listbox Terms of Service. In that respect, any purchased, leased, or borrowed lists may not be used in conjunction with Listbox Service without an Affiliate Agreement on record with Listbox.

When uploading a subscriber file to Listbox, the listowner certifies that all email addresses in that file have been collected by verifiable opt-in methods. If you upload a subscriber file, Listbox has the right to review that file, request details on your collection methods and delay addition of the email addresses it contains, at our sole discretion.

In addition, every message sent through Listbox must contain a web-accessible method for subscribers to opt to leave your list after such subscriber is on your list. Subscribers who opt to leave your list are considered to have opted out and cannot be re-added to your list by you without having re-added themselves as described below. Subscribers may re-add themselves by confirming their wish to re-join the list, but you may not reactivate them without confirmation. Once a subscriber has opted out, you must cease sending emails to the subscriber's address promptly after you have received the opt-out request.

Subscribers may also be removed from your list by Listbox if they are determined to be bouncing or they have reported your message as spam.

Listbox requires all lists to be CAN-SPAM compliant. If your list sends commercial messages, or messages that include commercial content, your physical address must be included in the footer of every message. All header information included in any commercial emails must be accurate and may not be misleading. Misleading header information includes information that is technically accurate but includes an originating email address, domain name, or IP address that was obtained by false or fraudulent pretenses or misrepresentations. Subject headings that are misleading about the content or subject matter of the message are also prohibited.

Any use of a list in conjunction with spam or messages that do not follow our Opt-In Subscription policy will result in a fine of $5,000. If you fail to pay this fine we will turn it over to a collection agency.

IC Group, at its sole discretion, may terminate Service if the Customer fails to comply with any of the terms of the Service Agreement, or for any other reason that IC Group considers compelling.

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