Create a Segment

A Segment is a list whose subscribers will be generated from subscribers on your other lists, based on rules you set up.  You can't add an address to a segment by just pasting it in, or importing it.  Addresses can only be added to segments if they match the rules set up for that segment.

Segment Criteria

You may use any of the following criteria to build your segment:

  • Subscriber Joined: look for subscribers who joined the parent list before or after the date you select

  • Subscriber Left: look for subscribers who you removed from the parent list before or after the date you select (subscribers who removed themselves cannot be added to a segment using this criteria)

  • Subscriber Was Invited: look for subscribers you invited (or did not invite) to join the parent list

  • Subscriber is Administrator: look for subscribers who are account administrators, listowers, moderators or approved posters

  • Subscriber is Bouncing: look for active subscribers who are bouncing

  • Subscriber's Domain: look for subscribers whose email addresses are at the domain you specify

  • Subscription Status: look for subscribers who are active subscribers, unsubscribed or non-posting members of your list

  • Your custom fields: you can upload up to 100 fields that you can use as criteria to refine your segments!

Custom fields are text fields, and can be used to either match or not match text.

What you need to make a segment

  • Only account administrators can create segments, so if you cannot access the new list builder, you are not an account administrator.

  • Segments are built from your existing lists, so you must have at least one active list to build a segment from.

  • Segments are not available to discussion forums using single list payment plans. You can switch to or add an account plan if you want to build segments.

What type of list would you like?

Go to the new list builder. There, you will be able to choose what type of list you would like to create, a new list or a segment.

Selecting "from a segment of my existing subscribers" will let  you specify the rules for the segment you want to build. Click "Set up Segment Conditions" to go to the next page, and start setting up your rules (possible options are detailed above.)

Once you've set up the rules, click "Preview" to see what we would put on that segment. Once you are happy with it, click "Create Segment" to generate your new segment. Adding your subscribers will take a few minutes, as we set up the list for you.

A Segment Example

So, for instance, let's say you wanted to set up two lists, one for your staff, and one for all your other non-staff contacts. But, you keep that information in one field, Status, that could be "staff", "customer", "board", "vendor", etc. You could just set up two lists:

Your Staff list would be:

  • Subscription Status is active subscriber
  • Info:status is "staff"

Your list for your other contacts would be:

  • Subscription Status is active subscriber
  • Info:status is not "staff"

rather than having to specify all the other types of contacts you have.

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