How do I test my campaign?

The Message Composer actually requires that you send a test copy of your message before delivering it to your entire list.

After you choose your message template, and create your message, you will go to Step 3, Pick List & Test.

There, you can set the message From, Subject and other settings. You will select the list that receives the message at this time, so we can append the correct footer to your message.

Then, specify up to 5 addresses to receive the test copy of your message. We pre-fill the account administrators and listowners, but you can change the list to anyone you like.

Your test message is identical to the message we will send to your subscribers except for 2 things:

  1. Your Subject will have the label [TEST] added to the beginning, so you know it's the test copy and not the real message.
  2. Some links that are customized for individual subscribers will not be generated correctly for people who are not list subscribers.

If you're happy with your test message, you can just go to Step 4, Send To List!

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