Page Guide: Click Tracking Reports

For every message, You can see statistics and specific subscribers in multiple categories:

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Sent: The unique addresses on your list at the time the message was sent.

Bounced: The people on your list who did not see your message because their address would not accept it.

Unsubscribed by User Request: The people who clicked your unsubscribe link or reported your message as spam.

Unsubscribed Due to Bouncing: The people who we removed from your list because they have bounced repeatedly.

Two more statistics can be included:

Open rate tracks the people who opened your message after receiving it (for all lists that use tracking) and how many times they opened it.

Click rate tracks the people who clicked one or more link in your message after receiving it (for marketing/newsletter lists that use tracking), and the number of times they clicked.

The percentage of people who have opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed are visible on the left side, next to the label. Any percentage based on people who received the message subtracts bouncing subscribers from the number of people the message was sent to.

Your specific subscribers can also be searched by name, email address or domain. Subscribers shown in red have been unsubscribed since the message was sent.

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Your Full Report

A summary of the message's statistics is shown when you click the chart icon . Your complete report is available by clicking "Full Report" from the Messages section. (If "Test Report" is shown instead, you sent that message in test mode.)

The reports available are based on what information could be collected for your message.

If you do not have click tracking turned on, or sent a plaintext message to any list (no footer tracking image), your report will only include Sent, Bounced, Unsubscribed by User, and Unsubscribed Due to Bouncing.

If you have open tracking turned on (for discussion forums), or click tracking for a message that did not include any links, it will also show the Open Rate, and a graph of Opens by Time (available by hour or by day.)

If you have click tracking turned on and have URLs included in the message, you will also see the Click Rate, Clicks and Opens by Time, Click Totals by URL, and a Click Rate Overlay, displaying the click rate information in the message body.

The First 24 hours chart can show you how many people open and click on links in your message in the first 24 hours after the message was sent. This can tell you when most of your readers are looking at your message.

The Click Totals chart shows you the relative popularity of each link you include in your message.

The Click Rate Overlay lets you see the relative popularity of each link ON your message. The green bar included under each link shows the percentage of the total clicks each link got. Hover over the bar to see the number of clicks, the exact percentage and the full URL for the link.

Are there more statistics you'd like to see on your report? Contact Customer Support and let us know!

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