Tips on using the Send Web Page option

Sending a web page as email is the fastest way to send branded, attractive messages to your list subscribers. If you have a web site, you can send a web page as email in just a few minutes! If you have a template you've used in past campaigns with other providers, you can also set it up as a web page, and send it from our composer.

To get started, just click Compose Message from Home. Get instructions on using the Composer.

What are the limits?

Before you send a web page as email, take a moment to think about what's on that page. Because email programs are not as fully featured as web browsers, some web pages won't work at all, and others may need some adjusting before sending as email. Please pay attention to the following elements:

Multimedia: By and large, Flash and other animated web elements will not work as email.  If you want to "include a video" in your email, the way to do that is to use an image of the video start frame, and make clicking on that image take you to the video on the web.

Frames: Web pages using frames cannot be sent as email. However, one of the frame pages can be sent. If you right-click on the main pane of your framed page, you should have an option to "View Only This Frame" or "Open This Frame In a New Window". Choosing one of these options will take you to a page that only includes that frame. That page can be sent.

Dark Backgrounds: Some email programs, particularly webmail providers, do not honor CSS or font color tags, and they will convert all the text in your message to black text. Using a black background (or another very dark background) means that subscribers using that program would not be able to read your message. Using color in your background is fine, but we recommend using colors that you can easily read black text on.

Content in Images: Some email programs (Outlook) and webmail providers (Gmail) turn images off by default. So, for instance, if you put the key information on your page in a graphic, and subscribers have graphics turned off, they may not be able to determine the point of your message. Images enhance your message, but try to avoid putting text and message content into the images.

Postioning: Some email programs, particularly webmail providers, will strip CSS which positions elements of your webpage, and can ruin the layout of your message. We recommend using HTML tables to layout your page instead of using CSS positioning.

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