Add a subscription form to your website

If you'd like people to be able to add themselves to your lists, you can add a simple form to your website.

First, add any custom fields you wish to collect.  Or, if you have custom fields that you do not wish to collect from your subscription form, go mark them private.

Then, get the HTML needed to add the form to your website.

We provide 3 types of forms:

  1. Subscribe Only: This will request the email address, plus any custom fields you've specified, of the person wishing to join. Required fields must be entered.
  2. Unsubscribe Only: This will only request the email address of the person wishing to unsubscribe.
  3. Subscribe and Unsubscribe: This will request the email address and fields, then allow the person to indicate if they wish to subscribe or unsubscribe.

You may also choose to have the form redirect to another page on your website. There are 2 URLs you can provide:

  1. A confirmation page, for subscribers who were processed without a problem.
  2. An error page, for subscribers who could not be added for any reason.

Both of these URLs are optional; if you do not wish to provide them, the subscriber will simply be redirected to a page on our site.

The form HTML should be added to the source code of any web page you would like it to appear on.

Please note: Any custom fields you set up will also appear on the subscription page we provide at

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