Step 3: Take your account from Trial to Active

When you first sign up, your list is in trial mode. In trial mode, you may send as many messages as you like, to up to 50 subscribers, for up to 30 days. All list features are available except list creation and sublist building.

When you would like to import more than 50 subscribers, or your 30 day trial has expired, you must activate your list. To activate your list, you will need to Pay. The Account page will display your initial monthly cost, which allows you up to 5,000 deliveries in the first month. If you need more than 5,000 deliveries in the first month, just estimate your monthly usage when making payment, so we can make sure that your account can send as much traffic as you need.

From the Account page, you can also get instructions for making payment via fax or PayPal. Your list will be activated when your payment is received.

For your protection, and the protection of all our customers, new Listbox accounts must be verified by our security department before they can be activated. We will need to review your first message, the number of subscribers you wish to import, and your address collection methods. You can speed up the verification process by sending your first message to your administrators before making payment.

Account verifications are done during normal business hours, and may take several hours, so please make sure you leave enough time between your activation request and when you want to send your first message. We recommend activating your account at least one business day before you plan to send your first message.

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