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The features, support and privacy you're looking for.

New to Listserves

Upgrading from CCs/BCCs to a listserve keeps the the ease of use you get from email, while improving deliverability, reducing confusion and frustration from addresses lost, changed or forgotten, and adds useful tools like archives and digests.

Seasoned Admins

If you're looking to move your list from Mailman or another self-hosted solution, Yahoo!/Google Groups, or a listserve provided by your university, Listbox provides all the features you're looking for, with the support you'll appreciate.

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List Features


Let subscribers read or search messages on the web. Archives can be made public, private, or inactive.


Subscribers can choose to receive every message, or daily or weekly digests. A great option for high-volume lists.


In general, all subscribers can send mail to a listserve. Moderated lists require approval from admins before sending. Moderation is good for:

  • very large lists (500+ subscribers)
  • sensitive or contentious topics
  • lists experiencing a turbulent period

Content Restrictions

You may choose to hold messages because of:

  • banned content
  • attachments
  • message size
  • looks like an unsubscribe request
  • the message sender (moderate individual posters)

Admin Controls

Not everyone should have access to every feature, so you can have 3 levels of admins:

  • Account Administrators: Can do everything, including creating new lists and pay bills
  • Listowners: Add/remove subscribers, change settings, approve held messages
  • Moderators: Approve held messages only

Subscriber Self-Management

Let subscribers manage their own settings!

  • Update Email Address and other info
  • "Vacation" unsubscribe, auto-rejoin on the selected date
  • Switch to digest messages
  • Read archives
  • Unsubscribe
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Account Features


Customer support is available by email, phone and live chat. We answer questions, talk theory, and explain email best practices. Talk to us!


Registered 501(3)(c) Non-profits get a 10% discount. Single list plans can also get a 10% discount if you pay for a year.

Add Newsletters With Ease

A newsletter or email marketing list can be added to your account at any time. If you're on a low-volume account plan, your posts may even be free!

Administrate Anywhere

All administrative interfaces are designed to work from tablets and smart phones, so you can take care of list issues where and when you notice them.

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