Reporting and Statistics On the web and via email

Get real-time feedback about what works.

Email marketing is one of your most cost-effective marketing tools because you can track your campaigns.

Photo of Overview Bar Graph

Detailed Overview
Our detailed overview provides counts for clicks, opens, deliveries and bounces in a bar graph for easy percentage-based comparisons.

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Time-Based Graphing
Listbox provides precise counts of opens by hour and by day so you can analyze subscriber behavior and tailor your delivery schedule accordingly.

Emailed reports bring the tracking to you.

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Get the overall picture.
Your engagement rate shows how many subscribers read or clicked on any message in the reporting period. Your reputation metric lets you keep an eye on the health of your list.

Photo of Message Summary

Message Overview
Reports include a quick overview of how each campaign is doing, including deliveries, opens, clicks and bounces. Just click to see the details on the web.

Easy Subscriber Imports and Exports

Whether you've been building up your list to start email marketing, or moving your list from another provider, you'll want to start by adding your existing members. Listbox makes it easy to import your addresses, and you can always export at any time (they're your subscribers, after all!)

Photo of Quick-Add-Remove Form

Paste Addresses with Quick Add
No time to import from a file? Paste addresses in a form on your subscribers page to quickly add them to your list in one easy step.

Photo of Importer Preview Form

Smart Importing
Import your subscribers from a CSV file and decide which fields should be retained and dropped. Take a tour of the importer.

Administrator Tools

For your account

  • Have a new product, group or event you want to target? Set up a new list or segment of an existing list quickly and easily.
  • Have a setup you like? Mark settings "shared", and use them for multiple lists.
  • Do ISPs consider your messages spam? Your Listbox "reputation" will tell you!

Grant person-specific access

Segment administrators by the access they should have.
  • Account admins have full access, including creating/deleting lists, changing shared settings and viewing billing history.
  • Listowners have access over subscribers, messages and settings for a specific list (or lists).
  • Moderators can send mail only.

Subscriber Tools

Add a signup form to your site

Add a subscription form to your own site

Customize to be a subscribe form, unsubscribe form or both.

Other Subscriber Features

  • Easy updates of subscribed address
  • 1-Click Unsubscribe
  • Public or Private Message Archives
  • Campaign RSS Feeds
  • Let Subscribers go "on vacation", and we'll automatically resume mail when they come back
  • See other lists on your account that they're subscribed to

See sending options for marketing campaigns and newsletters

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