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Use the composer, too.

Never worry about leaving someone out again. One email address lets you reach everyone on the list. Lose access to your mail for some reason? Log in to the Listbox site, and use the composer instead.

Reading Options

Photo of Subscriber Archives and RSS link

Subscribers can get list messages as they are sent, or receive a daily/weekly digest. Or skip email altogether, and read them in the RSS feed or web archives. (Privacy-conscious admins can deactivate these options, if preferred.)

Hassle-Free Migration

Easily add new subscribers

Looking for a new home for your community? Make the transition with minimal disruption. We don't force your members to sign up again, and we're here to help make the move easy.

Manage Multiple Lists Easily

Photo of Shared Settings

Have lots of discussion groups for your board, staff, supporters and others? "Share" settings, and manage them with ease. Each group can still have unique listowners for subscriber and message management.

Doing good? Get a discount.

Listbox offers a 10% discount for registered non-profits and community groups.

Multiple needs? Mix and match.

Listbox account plans let you split your usage between discussion forums and newsletters.

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